Graphic Settings

ciudad planificada

In this new series we will be creating a planned city in which we will use all the DLC and Content Creator Pack of the Cities Skylines game. Below is the list of mods used in the series, as well as the graphical configuration of the same.

🖼️ Map: Bay of Rivers - Included in the Content Creator Pack: Maps 2

⚒️ Mods list: Steam Workshop

Graphic mods and settings

The graphics mods used are Render It, Theme mixer 2, Relight and AD Cloud Replacer.

Theme Mixer 2

Theme maps: CO-Temperate-Theme [Tema base], SCT-NATURERESERVE, Starburg, Caledonia v2 (pavement), NotSoRocky Hills, Waiheke - Map Theme

GrassDiffuseTexture: SCT-NATURERESERVE
PavementDiffuseTexture: Starburg
CliffDiffuseTexture: Caledonia v2 (pavement)
CliffSandNormalTexture: NotSoRocky Hills

WaterNormal: Waiheke - Map Theme
WaterClean: Waiheke - Map Theme
Color Agua: RGB(0,36,52)

Render it Settings

configuración render it lighting configuración render it texture configuración render it environment configuración render it post-processing

Relight Settings

configuración relight